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Rock Star Availability

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

We are always checking in with our agents, especially the ones that do a lot of houses every year, and one of our favorite questions to ask is: with everything we do for you and your clients, warranties, guarantees, easy-to-use reports, etc for you and your clients, what’s your favorite part about working with us, and the answer is always the same… Availability!

Because of our set up as a company, with the training, the templates, the checklists, the way we greet the client the same way every time, the way we do our summary the same way every time, etc. We are able to get inspectors trained up and provide the exact same value that you would expect is if you were working with the founder, or the franchise owner. And we actually tell people if you have a different experience with a particular inspector, please let us know because we’d like to address that training issue. Because we have thousands and thousands of pre-made template items stemming from 15 years of experience, the inspector on-site is able to just pick and choose the correct template items in their phone or their iPad, while they’re doing the inspection, which allows them to be about 90% done with the report when they leave the house. This only leaves 10 to 15 minutes of work to review the final report before it goes out, which allows us to get it to you very quickly. More than 95% of our reports are delivered shortly after the inspection, almost always the same day…

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