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Are You the Ideal Candidate for a Home Inspection Business Franchise?

Hello! Inspections Over Coffee is currently accepting applications for new franchise owners to join our team. We’re ready to work one-on-one with our franchise owners to help them build a business they love and they are proud of. 

Not sure if a home inspection business is the opportunity that's right for you? I've created a video series to help you answer your questions and give you a behind the scenes look at what it's like to be a part of our franchise family. We have the fancy brochure :) you can download here as well. 

Next steps would be to watch my behinds the brand look into everything we have created for franchisees to be successful, and a look at the success they are having. We discuss the secret sauce behind our success and growing multiple 6-figure franchise locations. Plus, you can see how much fun we have and how we support our franchise owners. Link is at the bottom of this page!


Dig in,

Curtis Kloc

Founder, Inspections Over Coffee

Business Owner Couple Focused on the Future

Are you a couple or partnership, who is ready to work together to grow a family-owned business? You can absolutely see the success you’d like with our biz-in-a-box approach. As a business owner, you have to wear many hats. Following our business plan to divide and conquer, so you don’t duplicate each other and getting everything done quickly will supercharge your growth. IOC has all the steps, checklists, and job duties laid out, so you know exactly what steps to take to secure your future.

Second Career Opportunist

Have you learned tons of awesome critical business skills in the corporate world, and now you are ready to get to work lighting a fire under your own business? Looking for the framework to streamline your success? Transferring those learned corporate skills, like marketing, sales, business planning, accounting, empathy, and social skills, will fast-track your success with your own home services business.

At IOC, we take a white-collar approach to a stereo-typical blue-collar business. So while you might have to get a little dirty from time to time in an attic or a crawl space, we will show you our white-collar approach to being a Home Buyer Advisor providing advice and insight for someone making a 6-figure investment with their new home.


Military, First Responder Ready to Rock

Have you served your country and now it would feel right to be of service to your neighbors and local community? It’s time to take your go-getter attitude and work ethic to build something for you and your family. IOC is veteran-owned and veteran-friendly. We know that as a first responder or veteran, you are hard-working and self-starters, so we give you all the tools you need and none you don’t. No time-wasting or pointless meetings. Our business model is point and shoot. We show you the quickest path to success, and you execute.

Licensed Inspector Looking to Level Up

You got your license and told everyone you know you are an inspector. And, you’re stuck using that vanilla inspection template that came with your software and you’re worried that you are carrying tons of liability.  
And worst of all, you are realizing that inspectors are everywhere, so you need to stop running around like a chicken with your head cut off selling yourself with nothing but business cards and discount offers. Realtors are so swapped they’re not answering emails or phone calls like they used to, so how do you break out from the pack and build pipelines of successful leads?
We were in your shoes a long time ago, but we developed duplicatable systems to not only protect our backside (liability) but dialed in proactive client acquisition. When we meet with people, instead of them saying, “Yeah, maybe we’ll give you a shot on the next one.” Instead, they say, “Wow! No one else is doing this! How quickly can we schedule with you? Can I introduce you to our managing broker so that you can sponsor our next meeting with 160 agents?” Yeah, that’s the IOC difference.

New Entrepreneur Looking for a Proven Opportunity

You’ve read some business books, taken business classes. You feel really close to pulling the trigger on a new business. You see some opportunity in home services and home inspections, specifically. But, you’ve never owned a business, and you can’t afford to fail. How do you make sure you don’t make any missteps? We’ve been there. 
You’ve got the drive, the hard work, the tenacity; we’ll show you exactly what to do and exactly what to avoid. Do things right the first time, without wasting time on trial and error. Copy exactly what we’ve done to develop a 7-figure business inside of 5 full years, from not knowing anyone to having 1000’s of referral partners and being an expert in the marketplace. 15,000+ inspections, we’ve learned all the lessons and made all the costly mistakes. Learn from us one-on-one.


Get the Details. Learn more about our Franchise Opportunity.

Learn more about home inspection franchises! Is that the right opportunity for you!
Watch our video series from Inspections Over Coffee founder, Curtis Kloc.


Want an Inside Peak of an Inspections Over Coffee Franchise Opportunity?

Founder, Curtis Kloc, goes behind the scenes to show you how to grow multiple 6 and 7 figure revenue inspection companies. Grab a java, and check out the video.

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