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Stand Alone: $199 | Add On: $75

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Stand Alone: $249 | Add On: $199

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Stand Alone: $499 | Add On: $299

Lead Paint

Stand Alone: $249 | Add On: $149


Stand Alone: $249 | Add On: $199

Air QualitY**

Stand Alone: $249 | Add On: $149

PROMO CODE: NOGARAGE for $25 discount ONLY if the property has no garage. *Remediation protocol included if mold is found. ** Per Air Sample Obtained

Inspections Over Coffee is your Phoenix home inspection team run by Curtis Kloc, who has been in real estate inspections since the mid-2000s. Formerly in the US Navy, he worked at nuclear power plants, performing nuclear chemistry and radiological controls. Curtis Kloc has participated in more than 10,000 real estate transactions personally, and his franchise teams perform 1000's of home inspections for happy clients every year.

Inspections Over Coffee

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Curt is also the founder of the Inspections Over Coffee concept, formerly HERO Inspections & Environmental. In 3 states, our philosophy takes some of the fear and the big box 'tude out of the home inspection process. That does not mean that we take your home inspection lightly, quite the opposite, our team is highly trained, and we deliver the most thorough inspection and easiest-to-use reports you can imagine. Our job is a serious and essential service to ensure clients don't inherit problems unknowingly, but we like to serve up our inspections smooth and sweet, not bitter with a bite. We've heard the awful stories about "the pros" that talk all techy and use scare tactics to pressure customers. We think that's bad business and smells worse than 30-year old mold. So we decided to lean into what we love most about this business – working with awesome homeowners and buyers on the journey to their dream home.


Looking for a company that's client first and not just gonna toss you an "Are we awesome?" survey on the way out the door? We'd love to talk with you about your home, not at you or around you. Yes, ladies, we're sayin' it out loud. We're in the industry, and we've heard the stories about companies asking you "if the decision-maker will be there" or how inspectors look past you to speak to "the man" in the room. We don't roll that way and want our new brand to reflect what we see in the mirror – a friendly and professional meet up. Que the coffee smells. We instantly thought of coffee shops, coffee breaks, coffee with friends and loved ones. It just worked for us. Give us a call, and we'll show you how we can work for you.

So now that you've got the vibe of what it's like to work with us, we'll share the "why" you should choose to trust us. The Phoenix, AZ team has experience with 1000's of residential homes of all types, sewer scopes, radon, mold, asbestos, lead paint, and commercial buildings of all kinds, including high rises, 600-unit apartment buildings with elevators, and 50,000 square foot casino along with fire and life safety, green building and ADA requirements, and everything in-between.​

How much does a home inspection cost in Phoenix?

The final cost the home inspection is usually determined by how many different services you get and by the size of the house. If you only get a home inspection, it is usually based on the size of the house and typically ranges from $300 to $500 for an average size house, larger homes may, of course be more. But a home inspection is not exhaustive or all inclusive. When people are buying a new house in Phoenix or the surrounding areas, many times they add a termite inspection, which is performed by a pest control licensee and will typically range between $50-$100. Other ancillary services homebuyer's may choose to add their home inspection might include, a sewer scope, which is typically $200-$400, a pool inspection which is typically $75-$150, and maybe other air quality testing, like radon, mold, ozone, etc. which might be another $300 to $400. All of these prices may fluctuate based on the need of a specific home, the size of the home, etc.

Who pays for the home inspection in Arizona?

More than 95% of the time, the home buyer will pay for the inspection at the time of inspection, typically before they receive the inspection report. A small percentage of time, a relative, a real estate agent, or the inspection fee can be paid at escrow. These scenarios are outside of the norm, and would have to be agreed-upon with the home inspection company.

What typically fails a home inspection?

The home inspector does not pass or fail a home. A home inspector should act like a 'Home Buyer Advisor,' very much like if you were to get a used car looked and inspected at prior to purchasing it. There are no rules in a real estate transaction that anyone has to fix anything at all. The home inspection ensures that a buyer is not buying a house with problems, unknowingly. The keyword is unknowingly.
There are no rules that state a buyer or a seller has to do anything with the house just because it is changing ownership. That does not mean that there will not be times where a home inspector finds problems that nobody wants to fix and the buyer will move on from buying the house. Old homes do not need to be brought up to current code, just because it is being sold. Many home inspectors mistakenly quote code, which is inappropriate in a real estate transaction.

Is it worth getting a home inspection?

Most homes have enough problems to address that not finding them and knowing about them would cost more than the cost of the inspection. It is also very easy to offer enough advice on preventative matters preventing future issues that would cost more than the home inspection fee.
When a buyer is looking at a home to purchase, they are typically looking at it differently than how home inspectors look at houses. Home inspectors are not emotionally tied to the house or property, which allows them to evaluate all of the major systems with an eye on functionality and deterioration. Home inspectors aren't worried about cosmetics, the drapes, or whether the sectional couch is going to fit.
Many home inspection companies, like Inspections Over Coffee, also include far more than just the home inspection report. Things like recall reports, property history reports, and tens of thousands of dollars of warranties should there be a problem after the home inspection.
Some home inspection companies, also like Inspections Over Coffee, also include extra services like thermal imaging and drone videos which help find hidden for inaccessible problems, like roof leaks, electrical issues, and insulation issues.

What is a home inspection company's liability?

Home inspection companies will typically have a signed agreement with their client that states what their liability is. Typically, their liability is the cost of the inspection. Some people would like home inspection companies to be liable for the entire house, just because they spent two or three hours in there. But in the real world, that isn’t how things work. The home inspector didn’t cause the roof to be old or leak. The home inspector didn’t cause the problem that they may have missed or overlooked. So just like with other things in life, they are liable for the amount you paid them.
If you bought a spoiled gallon of milk, from the grocery store, which ended up ruining your Thanksgiving dinner, the grocery store would be liable for the gallon of milk, not for your whole Thanksgiving dinner.
If a home inspector did cause damage at a property, most good inspectors and their companies have general liability insurance for an accident.

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