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Why Should You Consider a Home Inspection Business?

Hello! Inspections Over Coffee is currently accepting applications for new franchise owners to join our team. We’re ready to work one-on-one with our franchise owners to help them build a business they love and they are proud of. 

Not sure if a home inspection business is the opportunity that's right for you? I've created a video series to help answer your questions and give you a behind the scenes look at what it's like to be a part of our franchise family. We have the fancy brochure you can download here as well. 

Next steps would be to watch my behinds the brand explanation, where I talk about everything we created that our franchises our using to be successful, along with a little look into the financial success they are having, by helping so many people in the real estate world. We discuss the secret sauce behind our success and growing multiple 6-figure franchise locations. Plus, you can see how much fun we have and how we support our franchise owners. Link is at the bottom of this page!

Dig in,

Curtis Kloc

Founder, Inspections Over Coffee

Get the Details. Learn more about our Franchise Opportunity.

Stop thinking inspector, and start thinking 'home-buyer advisor'

Inspections Over Coffee knows the key to success in the booming real estate industry is giving a damn. There's no trick for success. The modern-day home inspector is empathetic. They care about the home buyer and their realtor during the home-buying process. It can be a stressful, overwhelming time, and the missing piece was the advisor. Owning an Inspections Over Coffee franchise is accepting the responsibility to be a trustworthy guide, and someone real estate agents can depend on as they hand over the keys to their client's dream home. 

Say goodbye to working hard for someone else’s money

Owning and running an Inspections Over Coffee franchise is a full-time gig, but you are building your business. Put your cubicle in your rearview mirror and start building your investment, your retirement, and your legacy! Joining IOC is more than becoming an inspector; you would become an entrepreneur. You play a crucial role in the home-buying process. You can quickly become the expert your real estate community relies on to elevate their business for their clients. 


Light up your potential

Franchise opportunities come with the promise of “instant success.” The promise is that you can sit back and let the revenue roll. Inspections Over Coffee has the business model that delivers on this promise and the success stories to back it up. Our team racks up 1,000s of home inspections a year and decades of experience. If you have the desire and are ready to put rubber to the road, we’re ready to help you launch your dynamic IOC franchise. But owning an IOC franchise is about more than money. It’s an opportunity to invest in yourself, push your boundaries, tackle new challenges, and work all the skills you bring to the table.

Activate your biz in a box

When you become an inspections over coffee franchise owner, you’re one of the family. Everything we’ve learned – the wins and the losses are at your fingertips. Whether you utilize our tools online or connect with a fellow owner, you have a support system.Our flagship franchise is servicing 1000’s of customers a year, and it didn’t take us decades to get there. We clocked our first inspection in January 2016 without a single real estate agent in the pipeline. We’re lovin’ that our sweat equity is payin’ off, and we have big dreams. We bundled all our resources, training guides, and best practices so we could share them with you. 

Get the Details. Learn more about our Franchise Opportunity.

Learn more about if a home inspection franchise is right for you!
Watch our video series from Inspections Over Coffee founder, Curtis Kloc.


Are you a fit for the Inspections Over Coffee franchise? 

Founder, Curtis Kloc, goes behind the scenes to show you how to grow multiple 6 and 7 figure revenue inspection companies. Grab a java, and check out the video.

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