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Feel confident moving forward on your new home purchase with the most thorough inspection in the industry!


360° HOMEbuyer snapshot
included with every inspection

home inspections starting at only $299

Square Feet
Under 1000
Above 10000

Mobile/Manufactured Homes - $349

Add Your Environmental ServiceS & Save


Stand Alone: $75 | Add On: $59


Stand Alone: $199 | Add On: $75

sewer scope

Videos, Report, Self Leveling Camera: $269

Mold testing*

Stand Alone: $499 | Add On: $299

Lead Paint

Stand Alone: $249 | Add On: $149


Stand Alone: $249 | Add On: $199

Air QualitY**

Stand Alone: $249 | Add On: $149


PROMO CODE: NOGARAGE for $25 discount ONLY if the property has no garage. *Remediation protocol included if mold is found. ** Per Air Sample Obtained

Home Inspection CHandler, az TEam

Inspections Over Coffee

Inspections Over Coffee is your Chandler, AZ based home inspection team run by Michael Nelson, who has been performing real estate inspections for several years. A veteran of the US Army, parachute rigging, but quickly working his way up the ranks. Mike and his team cover the entire Phoenix Metro area along with the surrounding areas.


Mike has lived in Arizona for over 20 years, and his significant other is a successful real estate agent at KW. He's the father of 3 children. He also has a bachelor's degree from the University of Wyoming.

Mike has always had an interest in real estate, and being a home inspector gives him a chance to take care of people, protect them from purchasing problems, work for himself, and build a business, all of which filled him with a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

What Mike Loves About Home Inspections

I like Mike Rowe and his shows (the host of Dirty Jobs), and he’s a big proponent of the trades. It was after watching a video he has about instead of doing what you love, find something that offers opportunity and you can become good at, that you may eventually learn to love, and start there. I mulled things over for a few weeks and decided to become a home inspector.

Why He Joined the Inspections Over Coffee Franchise Team

I picked the Inspections Over Coffee business model because I recognized early on that I found an area of opportunity where I believed I could excel.  I recognized that their training and business tools far exceeded what was taught and learned in the mandatory 30 parallel inspections. Even after working with another inspection company for several months, I recognized quickly I was woefully unprepared to go into business for myself, which was my goal all along. I certainly wasn't confident.  I didn't believe I could issue a truly thorough inspection, and that did not align with my integrity or values. I knew I needed more training and had a lot to learn.


The additional months of inspection training with Curt, and learning to use tools like Flir Thermal Imaging, a moisture meter, and a carbon monoxide detector provided a much more thorough and comprehensive service to the buyer, and that aligned with my integrity.  I felt I could move forward with confidence. After working with Curt as his lead inspector for an extensive period, I knew he was a straight shooter.  I felt the model was straightforward, and an all-in-one business in a box, making it much easier for me to feel confident I could run a business and could get started and up and running quickly. I just needed to follow the training and the system. I know that systems work! The model is an all-in-one business in a box. It gave me a ton of confidence and I feel like I seriously know my stuff and can execute a solid business model, and I knew I could learn tons and have a support system that is always available when needed. 


I've never been a business owner before, so leveraging the franchise model for marketing, support, systems, name recognition, and other beneficial reasons excites me.  Being able to plug and play is very attractive to me, and I believe that by simply following the system, doing the work, and being consistent, I can build a business that I can be proud of.  Having a team of inspection experts who do thousands of inspections every year helps me know I'll never run into anything WE can't answer.


Lastly, I love that we are a service-based business that protects people from inheriting problems; this business allows me to truly believe that I'm doing good for others and that I provide a service that is needed and appreciated.  

Mike and the Arizona team have the training, experience, and certifications in all types of buildings and uses of properties, along with sewer scopes, radon, mold, asbestos, lead paint, and other environmental concerns.

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