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Extra Services Beyond the Home Inspection

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Before we get into what is recommended or not recommended, I’d like to share an analogy. The home inspection is a lot like a doctor’s visit. You go see your general practitioner and if they tell you nothing’s wrong, great.

If something is a little weird, they may send you for additional testing, and based on the results of that additional testing they recommend a specialist for you. The specialist will recommend a protocol that you follow.

Also using the doctor analogy, if you go to the doctor, and they say to you, you should get your blood work drawn, you could make a choice whether you’d like to do that or not… it does have a cost associated with it.

Same thing here, we try to stay in a consultative role, meaning that here is everything that is available to you, here is what you learn and here is what it costs. The final decision is up to the client and what they are comfortable paying for what they’d like to learn. And without getting those extra services, they understand they may be inheriting problems, unknowingly, which some people are ok with.

In the end, it is their choice.

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