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Home Inspections: Easy & Fast Reports That Don't Skip The Details

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

The final report that you receive uses all of today’s technologies possible, for the sole purpose of making your life easier. While a PDF version is available to download, the link you get is to a webpage which is interactive has all photos, videos, thermal imaging, etc.

Each section of the report gives you the basic information that you need to know like material used to build, date installed, size of the water heater etc. and the rest of the report is a list of defects. We use color coding: blue, orange and red to signify the significance of the defect.

· Blue = preventative and maintenance type items.

· Orange = minor safety issues.

· Red = significant safety issues, either because it poses an immediate safety threat, or will be costly to address

Our reports sometimes include videos with the defect if that better tells the story better. Our reports also include what we call a Systems Verification section in each area of the inspection.

This is where you get a little insight of the inspection, it has photos and videos so you can see what things looked like at the time of the inspection.

For example, you might see a video inside electrical panel, or the temperature of the air register showing that the heat is blowing hot air and the air conditioning is blowing cold air. This helps a lot for out-of-town buyers, and also helps if something breaks after the inspection, we can use this to show the warranty company the items were inspected and shown to be working properly.

Once you’ve had time to review the entire report, there’s a section for the you to check off the defects you would like addressed in the inspection objection, and then only those items are sent to your agent in a separate email. It’s streamlines the entire administrative side of the inspection objection.

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