How We're Different Than Other Home Inspection Businesses

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

Intangible: our inspectors act as your home buyer advisor, ensuring that you don’t inherited problems, unknowingly. Our job is to ensure that you have all the information you need to make a good buying decision with your new home. We don’t tell you what to buy, and we don’t tell you what to negotiate. We are your unbiased home consultant.

Tangible: all of our residential inspections include our $100,000 plus protection plan, which is a long list of warrantees, guarantees and extras, ensuring you are protected long after the home inspection.

Along with everything else we provide you, it’s in our name, Inspections Over Coffee, our goal is to speak with you about the house you’re purchasing, not to speak at you or around you.

All houses have flaws and defects, and there are no hard and fast rules when purchasing a new home. There are no requirements for buyers to make repairs, just like there are no requirements for sellers to have to make repairs. Again, we act like a homebuyer advisor, so that agents and clients understand the condition of the house, which helps them determine what and whether they are going to negotiate.

Any one of us can go out and buy any house we like in any condition. There’s no rules. There’s no rule saying the buyer has to fix everything up, and there’s no rule saying that the seller needs to fix everything the inspector might find. I purpose of a home inspection is to help the buyer know exactly what they are getting themselves into and beyond that (long after the inspector is gone) it’s really just a discussion and negotiation between the buyer and the selling party.

Some buyers are looking for a house that is in perfect condition and some sellers are not willing to negotiate any repairs at all. As an inspection company, we understand that it is not our role to participate in the negotiation, but only to describe the house as we find it and allow the parties to have their own negotiations based on what’s important to them.

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