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5 Reasons Top Real Estate Agents Stopped Calling Their Old Inspectors

Real estate agents are getting wise, and slowly starting to move away from home inspectors and inspection companies that are stuck in the 90's. Stop having inspections that take four or five hours, and then the inspector takes another 2 to 3 hours that night to write the actual report. Maybe you get it that night, maybe the next day...

There are companies today that can write the reports in real-time that are delivered to the client at the actual property, along with using technologies and tools that help them see more, see inside walls, and all kinds of extra cool stuff that keeps your clients safe, while making sure they aren't inheriting any problems, unknowingly.

If you want to be a top real estate agent, you need to consider moving away from these old-school inspectors and inspection companies; start working with a modern company that helps your clients by providing a modern inspection, with modern tools, technologies, reports, information, and modern tools.

Thermal Imaging

A thermal camera is a camera that can see heat signatures and shows with super sensitivity, the differences in temperatures. I like to show my clients that if I put my hand on the wall for a few seconds, and take it off, you could see my handprint on the wall for several minutes. These thermal cameras are very sensitive.

Even a brand new inspector can afford a low-end thermal camera. The ones that attach to a phone are very inexpensive and affordable for any budget. You might hear some inspectors say that you have to have a higher-end one, but that’s false. It’s all the same technology, and you already have a very expensive ($1000+) camera on your phone which is what the thermal camera uses. The benefit of the more expensive ones is ease-of-use, an extended battery, etc.

A thermal camera helps find water in the walls from plumbing leaks and roof leaks, electrical problems where the electrical wiring is running hot in receptacles and electrical panels, and missing insulation. There’s really no reason an inspector should not at least offer the service for a fee. We have decided that our business model offers this included with every inspection that we do. We scan the entire exterior and the entire interior. And I cannot tell you how many times we find problems that are not visible with your regular vision.

Full Service

Old school home inspectors that don’t offer ancillary services like pool inspections, radon testing, air quality testing, mold evaluations, termite inspections, and sewer scopes are doing their clients a disservice. All of our inspectors and franchisees are trained to understand the ins and outs of asbestos, mold, lead paint, and all kinds of air quality issues, along with tons of other stuff.


If a picture is worth 1000 words, how much are moving pictures worth? Let’s be honest, most people are just uncomfortable being on video. If your home inspection report does not include videos, it likely will resemble a report from 25 years ago. Modern software technology allows for videos. The importance of videos cannot be understated, they allow us to go back in time and see exactly the condition and the functionality of the property at the time of inspection. They provide proof that systems and appliances are properly working. They provide a better insight to describe a problem that is found on the day of the inspection. SAMPLE REPORT


Drones are now so readily available, affordable, and easy to operate, that there’s no reason that a professional inspector wouldn’t use this modern tool to help avoid having to call any portions of the property inaccessible. Yes, you have to get a license, but it's no big deal. Drones can take 4K video, some have zoom, and they help inspectors access areas that may not be accessible by ladder or because of safety reasons.

Recalls & Property History

It is very affordable to find out if any of the appliances or major systems of the house had any recalls by the manufacturer. It’s also very affordable to provide a property history report where potential owners can find interesting information like old permitting information, contractor contact info, etc. All our inspections include this information.

If your most recent property inspection did not include these five items, please consider working with your local Inspections Over Coffee franchise on your next inspection. It will likely save you tons of headaches and time.

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