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Home Inspection Advisor Only & Nothing Pushy

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

This is so very important when it comes to being a successful home inspector is three basic steps:

1) look at a house and find defects

2) document those facts into a usable report

3) summarize the house for the new homebuyer. This is the part that can be the most difficult for most inspectors; multiple different types of people with multiple different types of personalities, and being able to quickly understand what is important to a homebuyer and what is not

When it comes to buying a home, there is no black and white, there’s only gray. Any one of us can go out and buy any house we like… in any condition. There’s no rules. There’s no rule saying the buyer has to fix everything up before or after they move in, and there’s no rule saying that the seller needs to fix everything some inspector might find. The point of a home inspection is to ensure the buyer isn’t inheriting problems, unknowingly, so the buyer knows exactly what they are getting themselves into and beyond that it’s really just a discussion and negotiation between the buyer and the selling party.

Some buyers are looking for a house that is in perfect condition and some sellers are not willing to negotiate any repairs at all. As an inspection company, we understand that it is not our role to participate in the negotiation, but only to describe the house as we find it and allow the parties to perform their negotiations through due diligence.

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