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Inspections Over Coffee: How We're Different

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

Our first company name was HERO Inspections & Environmental. Our goal was to make realtors into HERO’s for their clients and for the clients to feel like HERO’s with information they need to move forward with the house, and while it made for a nice story, it didn’t stand on its own. While we still operate with those goals in mind, when people read that name, without knowing our story, they still thought that we were going to come in and try to be the HERO.

We’ve always felt that the home inspection process, along with the home inspection industry, needed to have a different attitude towards their clients and the properties they are buying, one that was harmonious with everyone involved. We hope that the name Inspections Over Coffee helps tell that story in a way that helps people understand our entire goal is to be approachable, while taking great care of their search for information regarding their new home.

The name really should inspire the thought that we will be speaking with people, not at them, or around them.

Picture yourself sitting down at a café to have your favorite kind of coffee with an old friend and that’s the spirit that we want to inspect the property with.

In reality there are no rules when it comes to buying a house, you can buy whatever house you like. There’s no rule saying you have to fix things up, and there’s no rule saying the seller has to fix things up. The role of the home inspector is to be that of a homebuyer advisor, a home consultant. The real job of the home inspection is to ensure that homebuyer isn’t inheriting problems, unknowingly. The keyword being, unknowingly. A homebuyer can purchase whatever home they like in whatever condition they like. There are houses all over the country that have polybutylene piping, aluminum wiring, federal pacific panels, etc. People live in those houses, and people buy those houses; it’s our job to make sure that someone buying the house understands with they are buying, and remedies to take should they choose to make industry standard fixes and updates, if that’s their decision.

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