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Is It Time For A New Home Inspector Near Me?

After 15,000+ inspections, I have come to the realization that there are 2 thoughts when it comes to real estate agents recommending a home inspection company to their clients.

1) Home inspectors are basically like gas stations. All the same, just get one hired, into the house, and get the report as quickly as possible. If we can save $0.05 a gallon, that’s great too!

2) I have my guy or gal, and I refuse to work with anyone else.

But the minimum standards for inspections in most states, are shockingly low…

Inspectors don’t learn about carbon monoxide levels, thermal imaging, airborne mold, how to clean up mold, or where to find asbestos or lead paint. They have very little experience with sewer scopes, or radon testing, or other kinds of air quality.

They tend to overcomplicate the inspection report with too much CYA. The report is 90 pages, with important things spread all over the place...

None of that happens, with us.

When we hire a previously licensed home inspector, the inspector is shocked at how much they still have to learn with our training.

We spent the last 15+ years taking feedback from the realtors and their clients to create the most significant, in-depth inspection experience, all while not being scary, alarmists, or taking 10 hours to get you a report :)

  • We have $10,000 of liability coverage for the realtor on every inspection.

  • We keep you in front of your client with valuable info that they’ll appreciate, and it looks like it all comes from you.

  • We thermal scan the inside and outside of every property., finding hidden water leaks, and electrical problems in the wall.

  • Everyone is drone licensed, so there are no dangerous situations, no broken tiles, and no inaccessible roofs. We can even look at the roof and AC on a 5 or 10-story building.

  • Our reports have included videos on how to fix items, and what the inspection was looking for.

  • We include snapshot sections, so your buyers know what the roof, the attic, and the inside of the electrical panel, etc so your clients know what it looked like when we saw it.

  • We provide a recall report for the appliances and property history with contractor and permit info.

  • And WAY more…

So, whether you might fall into the 1st category, can I ask you if you’d be open to providing more value to your clients… for the same price point?

Or you are category 2, can I ask you if you would be open to looking at the huge advances the top companies in the industry have made over the last 15-20 years?

Can I ask you to call us for your next buyer’s inspection, and promise you that we’ll take good care of you… your business, and, of course, your clients?

Give us a call and see how awesome it is, when all the tools and technologies come together for a super thorough inspection, where your clients don’t inherit problems unknowingly, but all the info is delivered in a normal, non-alarmist way.

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