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Putting Real Estate Agents at Ease By Treating Every Home Better Than Our Own

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

We understand that we are a guest in your home. We will treat your home better than we will have even treat our own. We will leave the windows and doors just as we found them when we arrived. While we need to test all of the systems and appliances, we will always leave them in the manner in at the settings we found them. We respect your personal property, your privacy, and the cleanliness of your home. When you get home after an inspection performed by IOC, your home will hopefully appear as if nothing is changed from when you left it.

You shouldn’t expect us to take anything apart, but we do need to function all of the systems that are part of a normal home inspection, which includes appliances, washer dryer, turning the heat and the AC on to the point where we can evaluate them to make sure they’re working properly. The best way to think of how we inspect your house, is about 80% visually, and 20% is a function test of all or most of the systems. We do operate windows, doors, sliding glass doors, test GFCI’s, AFCI’s and outlets. But you should find all the appliances, systems, windows, doors, etc. back in the place where you left them before our arrival. All of our inspectors have a checklist to make sure that we make every effort to leave your home in the way that we found it.

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