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Listing Inspections: 3 Ways You Could Go Before Selling Your Home

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Many times, a seller might be looking for some sort of an inspection of their property before they sell it. We make this service available in three different ways:

1. Full home inspection: Our standard full home inspection with full report with all of the warrantees listed above, which will make the house more attractive to a buyer since there’s been a full inspection and the buyer gets the balance all of the warranties.

2.The walk and talk, this is where an inspector walks through the house performing a visual inspection without a report and without pictures and talks the seller through what a potential buyers inspection may uncover. The homeowner is welcome to follow behind with a clipboard to jot down any notes that they feel are important.

3. Unique to our company: we offer what’s called a Listing Look, which is a 2 to 3 page report that details the highlights of the major systems and has 12 to 15 questions that all have yes/no answers to typical deal killers that come up during the inspection process e.g. does the house have aluminum wire, yes or no. The idea is that, hopefully, all of the questions are answered no, and the seller and their agent have a nice short report that shows the house as, ready to go, and it could be email, listed on the MLS, or print it out for open house.

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