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Home Inspectors Use This Stupidly Simple $4 Trick to Save HomeBuyers Headaches

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

All Inspections Over Coffee home inspectors carry this simple little $4 item called a 110-220V AC/DC Voltage Tester so that when the oven or dryer is not present, or there are extra outlets in the garage, we can check that those large 220 Volt outlets are working properly. If you take an online poll of home inspectors, at least 50% say they do not test the larger outlets. These outlets have two hot wires running to them, hence double the voltage. and the tester lights up both sides of the clear part when the 2 prongs are inserted into the hot parts of the outlet.

Finding out as you’re moving into your new home that your large outlets are not wired properly, or are not working properly might cost $200 in electrical repairs. If you can’t get someone to make the repairs quickly, you might not be able to operate your oven, your dryer, or charge your electrical vehicle. If you drive a lot for work, not being able to plug in and charge your car will cause you tons of stress!

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