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Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Back when we first started the inspection business, one of our very first home inspections was for a mortgage broker, so you would think this is someone who is in the real estate world and understands what a home inspection is and is not. They were very happy with the inspection of the early 1970’s house, until about two months later, after moving in they went to hook up the washing machine line, and the supply line started leaking. Now, at the time of the home inspection, there was no washer or dryer even hooked up, and the mortgage broker stood in there with the inspector and there was no leak two months earlier. They also stated that they went under the kitchen sink and started turning the shutoff valves, and those also leaked.

We explained those leaks were not present at the time of inspection, and of course we don’t turn valves, mostly because those valves haven’t been turned, sometimes, in 10+ years under their sink.

All that being said, there really is nothing worse than getting that phone call weeks and months after the home inspection. If you’ve been a realtor more then five minutes you probably got that phone call and found yourself calling a plumber to fix your clients issue.

We were determined to find a better way to do business, and what we came up with was the trademarked name here at HERO Home Protection Plan. It’s a list of 100,000+ of warrantees guarantees and extras that we include on every single inspection. It protects the realtor, the realtors business, and most importantly the client and their financial interest. So, what does it include?

1) A Buy Your Home Back Guarantee, which is a guarantee that if we were to miss something huge, that we should’ve caught, say, $20,000 structural damage, do you have the ability to have the house back for whatever your client paid for it. Now we’ve done thousands and thousands of houses and never needed to use this, although the company that access in this guarantee, has bought houses back for other inspectors.

2) We also include a 100-day inspection warranty, which is a reimbursement warranty that fixes small items that might come up after the inspection, like water leaks, plumbing issues, electrical issues, most appliances less than 10 years old, etc.

3) A 90-day old mold warranty, so if new water damage and mold were to come up after the home inspection there is a warranty to cover that.

4) A 90 day sewer line warranty, which gets extended to 180 days if you had a sewer scope done at the time of inspection.

5) A 5 Year roof leak warranty, which covers new roof leaks as long as they are not coming from defects, noted in the inspection report.

*** All these warranties and guarantees are purchased from third-party companies with open transferred to your client and have their own rules with regards to caps and deductible’s; and what is covered and what is not.

Each residential inspection also includes:

· $200 in home improvements from

· Recall report on all appliances major systems that have a model and serial number

· Buildfax report which is a property history report much like Carfax

Realtors really like the recall report because their homebuyers get that report once a month for as long as they on the house. The realtor can go in and put your favorite headshot and your contact info, and all the future reports look like they’re coming from the realtor. This keeps the realtor in front of the client in a non-salesy way.

But, what’s really great, is that sometimes an appliance will have a recall and the manufacture doesn’t make the rate anymore, and the client will get a brand-new appliance. And they will be giving their realtor credit for that new appliance. It’s a great way to have your clients talking to your neighbors and friends about you.

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