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Home Inspection Strict Guidelines & Checklists for Realtors

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

This really is the most important question that anyone should consider when looking at a home inspector or a home inspection company. It’s just as important that they catch everything, as it is that they don’t make things up and send people chasing down a rabbit hole, only to find out that nothing was wrong in the first place.

Before we ever get to writing a report, technical writing, dealing with people, different personalities… Evaluating a property, properly, is the main focus of the training. Many techniques have been developed over the last 15 years to ensure that all inspectors inspect the property the same way, which is in a manner we are all parts of the house and the systems are seen multiple times from multiple angles.

But equally as important as the actual inspection itself, is that that thoroughness is presented appropriately in the inspection report. And presented in a manner that is easy to use. We worked very hard to make IOC inspection reports as user-friendly as possible.

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