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7 Questions Home Buyers Should Ask Their Home Inspector

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Does the inspection include thermal imaging?

This is vitally important, since it allows an inspector to see behind walls. A thermal camera uses temperature differences to find hidden water leaks, electrical issues and missing insulation! It is so sensitive that you can see your handprint on a wall long after your hand is gone, or the heat from your footprints as you walk on carpet. Every inspection from Inspections Over Coffee includes commercial grade thermal imaging of the entire interior and exterior.

How do you categorize the issues you find?

If you are stuck reading through an 80 page pdf with the word, serviceable, and little checkmarks everywhere, you might overlook something important, or over-react to something small. Inspection Over Coffee’s modern software allows them to color code defects: Blue, Orange, and Red, so you and your client are focused on what is important; right now. You won’t see serviceable and ‘inspected’ in our reports, but you will see video's and photos of everything working and operating.

Do the reports include videos?

Most modern inspectors are smart enough to request that the clients attend the inspection at the end for the summary walkthrough; this allows them to focus on the house as they inspect it. This makes videos vital in telling the story of what was visible on the day of the inspection. They also provide unequivocal evidence of issues or the lack of an issue on the day of the inspection. Bonus: clients buying the property from another state can see everything they would want? Videos of the roof, the attic, in-side the electrical panel, all the plumbing being operated, etc. are essential for your client to feel comfortable with their new home. One last bonus: a video provides clear data to allow a warranty company to cover a new issue, without calling it pre-existing.

Are You More Thorough Than The Minimum?

Thoroughness is our middle name. We use drones for inaccessible roofs, thermal cameras to find hidden water leaks, electrical issues and missing insulation. We also include a property history report and recall reports for all the appliances and major systems. With the same basic price structure, why would you let your clients get an inspection that doesn’t protect their financial interest to the fullest extent?

Do you provide a property history report?

If you were buying a used car, for 1/10th the price of a new house, you’d want to see the Carfax, wouldn’t you? Well, Inspections Over Coffee includes the same kind of report with every property they inspect. Knowledge is power.

Do you provide recall data on all the appliances and mechanical items?

Don’t you think it is important that your client be informed that the dishwasher is known to start on fire, and the manufacturer will send out a technician to fix it for free? Inspections Over Coffee provides a recall report on any mechanical item they can get a serial and model number off of. And your client gets it monthly as long as they own the house. Bonus: if you put your headshot and contact info into our system, it looks like it is coming from their agent. Boom! Now the relator is staying in front of their clients with valuable information.

Do you act as an advisor & an advocate or an alarmist?

You should want your client to have the most thorough inspection available, without all the scare tactics. It isn’t the job of an inspector to act like a sports referee. At Inspections Over Coffee, they act as a Home Buyer Advisor, sharing information in a non-alarmist way. You won’t find a more thorough inspection, but the information is always delivered in way that is easily digestible, and actionable.


The home-buying process comes after spending time budgeting and planning for most of us. These combined can provide you with insights into how much house you can afford, mortgage amount, etc. Other expenses that can't be left out are property taxes, furniture, appliances if not included, and remodel as needed. In terms of protection, home insurance is a tool that should be considered. Always make sure to check different Homeowners Insurance options available in the market, so you can compare and review a policy that can fit your needs and budget.

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